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Cisco Jabber 9.7 not displaying correct informations about contacts



I've recently deployed a CUPS 8.6 in a UC infrastructure. Synchronization & authentication of end users is performed between AD & CUCM 8.5, but LDAP integration is not performed on CUPS server.

When a user logs into the Jabber client, we can browse contacts but we noticed that the phone numbers displayed are incorrect. Indeed, Jabber displays LDAP fields instead of displaying the real DN used in CUCM.


I don't understand why Jabber goes to LDAP to gather some information if I didn't setup the integration between CUPS and AD... Does CUPS get this information via CUCM that is integrated with LDAP? How to fix that kind of issues ?

I don't want to do some sync between AD and CUPS because some AD users in the same OU as end users must not be searchable via Jabber.

CUCM is configured with LDAP custom filters, but CUPS doesn't have this ability...


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FYI, there's NO integration

FYI, there's NO integration between CUPS and LDAP.

CUPS get the users and authentication for them via AXL, from whatever you have in CUCM. So, you do have the authentication for your users to LDAP.

The default configuration is that, you will use the SRV records and bind to LDAP for contact resolution.

No, they don't get the info from what you have on CUCM, nor this is an issue, this is WAD.

If you want to change to what field J4W syncs, or the directory integration, it's all explained in the J4W install and configuration guide under the chapter "Configure Cisco Jabber", modify the jabber-config.xml as required in your environment.



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