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Cisco Jabber Cannot Add Contacts

We have a presence cluster System version: have two server configured under the DefaultCUPSubcluster in high availability mode. All Contacts are searchable from Jabber, But when trying to add the contacts, we are unable to add the users who are assigned to the second server.

Eg, Server A has 50 Users assigned to it, and server B has 10, any user in Server A can add any of the assigned 50 users in the server A, but cannot add the 10 users in assigned in Server B. On trying to add, we get the following message " The system cannot currently add the contacts. Try again later or contact your system administrator"


Anyone face similar issue?

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...exact same problem here...

...exact same problem here... but we're running cupx 9.1... did you solv the problem?

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same issue on 10.xalso in HA

same issue on 10.x. Secondly I can call the contact (without adding) but cannot IM either. No presence status either.

also in HA and when i do a manual failover I am able to add the contact and IM.

I had the same problem in a

I had the same problem in a CUPS in a cluster With HA available, but I cant Add contacts to my jabber, I can Find them but I can`t add them to my jabber, also can call all users,


I make a probe and I assing the users that was failling to the Publisher Presence I that resolve the Issue but I cant figure it out wy in the subscriber is not function.

Under System->Cluster

Under System->Cluster Topology->Settings, check that you have the Routing Communication Type set to Router to Router instead of Multicast DNS.  This is what usually causes the inter-node communication problems.  Changing it to Router to Router will need services reset.

Thank you very much It Works!

Thank you very much It Works!

Great news! Make sure to mark

Great news! Make sure to mark the thread as resolved!

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