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Cisco Jabber for CME

Hi all,

i'm trying to configure Cisco CME v.9.5 to work with Cisco Jabber for Android.

I could not find any official cisco documents regarding this question, and performed a configuration using different internet sources.

Here is a config

voice register global

mode cme

source-address port 5060

max-dn 100

max-pool 15

authenticate presence

authenticate register

authenticate realm itmax

timezone 31

time-format 24

date-format D/M/Y

tftp-path flash:

file text

create profile sync 0392202201906802

ntp-server mode directedbroadcast


voice register dn  2

number 680

voice register pool  2

registration-timer max 720 min 660

id mac 5CE2.F454.273D

type Jabber-Android

number 1 dn 2

username 680 password default

codec g711ulaw

According to

show voice register pool 2

the mobile client has registered

it-max.cme#show voice register pool 2

Pool Tag 2


  Mac address is 5CE2.F454.273D

  Type is Jabber-Android

  Number list 1 : DN 2

  Proxy Ip address is

  Current Phone load version is Cisco-CiscoMobile 8.6/9.2.1

  DTMF Relay is disabled

  Call Waiting is enabled

  DnD is disabled

  Video is disabled

  Camera is disabled

  Busy trigger per button value is 0

  keep-conference is enabled

  registration expires timer max is 720 and min is 660

  username 680 password default

  kpml signal is enabled

  Lpcor Type is none

  Transport type is udp

  service-control mechanism is supported

  registration Call ID is 00000000-00000002-1eccd69a-379b84b4@

  Registration method: per line

  Privacy feature is not configured.

  Privacy button is disabled

  active primary line is: 680

  contact IP address: port 58143

  Phone SIS Version:  5.2.0

  GW SIS Version:  1.0.0

  conference admin: no

  conference add mode: all

  conference drop mode: never

  paging-dn: config 0 [multicast]  effective 0 [multicast]

Dialpeers created:

Dial-peers for Pool 2:

dial-peer voice 40002 voip

destination-pattern 680$

session target ipv4:

session protocol sipv2

digit collect kpml

codec  g711ulaw bytes 160

  after-hours-exempt   FALSE


  Active registrations  : 1

  Total SIP phones registered: 2

  Total Registration Statistics

    Registration requests  : 3

    Registration success   : 3

    Registration failed    : 0

    unRegister requests    : 2

    unRegister success     : 2

    unRegister failed      : 0

The inbound calls from the Android smatphone using Jabber works OK, but the phone does not receive any inbound calls.

Also, when i enable debug ccsip messages - i didn't see any information regaridng the call.

Did anyone was able to perform a successful configuration for outbound/inbound calls for Jabber for CME?

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