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Cisco License Manager not running...


I'm recently having problems with my CUCM v where suddenly cisco license manager is not running (it remains on starting state) and i am not able to add additional IP Phones.

Now i read on cisco support forums that this happens due to  BUG ID CSCtc43971 on cases where one hase multiple license files (in my case i have about 10 to 15 license files).

My issue is that this BUG refers to CUCM v and it is fixed with 7.1.3 SU1 upgrade but in my case i have CUCM 7.1.5...

Does this mean that this BUG is present also in CUCM v 7.1.5 or there is some other issue with my call manager ?

If there is some work around beside contacting Cisco TAC that would be appreciated cause i don't have active support at the moment.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


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Cisco License Manager not running...

Hi VIsar,



Improve performance in the reloading license files during startup.

This effort is related to the fix: CSCtc43971 which increased the timeout to 10

minutes from 2 minutes.



In 7.1.3, we added a 30 day grace period for invalid license files (after DRF

backup / restore). After the 30 day grace period, we delete invaid license

files. This required a change in the intialization of License Manager, where in

7.1.2 we were just deleting all the licenses blindly and reloading the license

files from file system. Now, we are required to compare the license files on

file system with the entries in the DB, and delete only those that are deemed

invalid. This comparison between the DB entries and the license files on file

system is what is causing the delay. The 2 minute timer in service manager

seems to allow for comparison of only about 25 license files.

To be Fixed: 8.0(2) 7.1(5)

  In UCM 7.1.3 License manager does not start up due to too short of a service
 manager timeout delay.
  Timer was increased by the fix for CSCtc43971, this bug will track further
 performance improvements.
  UCM 7.1.3 with more than 25 license files.
  For 7.1.3, upgrade to 7.1.3 SU1
  Contact Cisco TAC Licensing Team to consolidate license units from multiple
files into a single file.


Hope it helps.


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