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Cisco phone QoS on 1861

On the data sheet for the 1861 it states "Optimized QoS is provided for IP phone and desktop configurations. The QoS level helps ensure that voice over IP (VoIP) traffic takes precedence." however when I try to configure qos on the switch ports for a cisco phone it's not a recognized command (auto qos voip cisco-phone). I am running c1861-spservicesk9-mz.124-24.T. Is there something I am missing or is it just done different on this router and I haven't found the documentation yet?


Re: Cisco phone QoS on 1861

Hi Jacob,

The ethernet interfaces on the 1861 are a hybrid switchport / router port. They don't have the full switching capabilities and hardware, but they're also not routed ports.

Because of this some of this, some of the traditional switching commands aren't there or have changed a bit.

Most of the configuration in the auto qos voip cisco-phone doesn't apply because the hardware doesn't exist on the router to apply it.

You can use 'auto qos voip trust' instead.

As well, unless you have a very high amount of traffic going to a phone port, which is highly unlikely, QoS on this port probably will not do much.



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