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Cisco phone registering on Empty CME flash, and upgrade issue


I have two issues:

1. I have a CME that had a lot of files on it and Cisco phones were registering with sccp files.

I saved his flash and cleared it. now there is only the .bin file and NO sccp files.

How is it possible that the phones I connect to the CME still registering with sccp files? aren't the phones taking the files from the CME every time??


2. I have two 7942 IP phones with the files sccp42.8-3-2S and sccp42.8-4-1S.

I want to upgrade them to be working in SIP protocol.

how should I do it? to what file should I upgrade?

CME version is 8.6


thanks a lot!

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1. phones NOT taking the

1. phones NOT taking the files from the CME every time. only when in flash latest firmware

2. cmterm-7942_7962-sip.9-3-1SR4-1.cop.sgn



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What do you mean by save and

What do you mean by save and clear flash? How are you viewing flash? If I'm not mistaken show flash will show the .bin file and dir flash: will show all the phone files.

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