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Cisco Phones on HP Procurve Switches

Hello All,

I've got a scenario where the client does not wish to use Cisco switches for his Cisco IP phones (79xx) but wishes to run these from his HP Procurve LAN.

I'm posting this to see whether anyone has had any issues with this scenario, specifically in the case of trunking VLANs to the phones.

So my intention is to set up HP switch ports to be dot1Q trunks, providing the native VLAN for the data, and a tagged dot1Q vlan for voice. According to Cisco documentation, the phones will select the tagged VLAN and will extend only the native VLAN out the back of the phone for data connections to PCs.

Does anyone see a reason why this will not work? My question is exactly how does the phone know to select the dot1Q tagged VLAN? I guess it's easy if there are no other tagged VLANs.

Anyone done this recently?



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Re: Cisco Phones on HP Procurve Switches

My experience with using procurves is that you have to manually configure the voice and data VLAN's on the IP phone, as a result of the limited CDP on the procurve switches. the procurves are CDP listeners, but not talkers, so they are not able to tell the phone which VLAN's to use for voice / data. If your data / untagged VLAN remains vlan 1, then it will be ok.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Cisco Phones on HP Procurve Switches


Just so I can be sure what you're saying:-

HP Procurves will not talk CDP so can't inform the phones which VLAN to go onto.

If the data (untagged) VLAN is other than VLAN 1, then exactly what are the consequences? Will the data VLAN not be available to the PC port? Will the phone automatically go onto another VLAN which is tagged?

I might be in trouble here as my customer might well be unable to present VLAN 1 as the data VLAN.

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Re: Cisco Phones on HP Procurve Switches

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