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Cisco SPA 500 Series phones as SIP Endpoints in CUCM?

For a company migrating to CUCMBE 7.x, are their existing SPA 500 series phones usable in any way?  I am thinking as third-party SIP devices (basic or advanced) but have yet to be able to find anything in regards to this.  I know most of the phones will be 7962G, but they do want to alo use their existing SPA series phones.  Anyone know where I might find information in regards to this?  Thank you sincerely.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco SPA 500 Series phones as SIP Endpoints in CUCM?

SPA 5xx series phones don't run true SCCP (but SPCP) and SIP and

are designed/tested with  UC500 only.

Since these are not integrated/tested with Call Manager, there is no

support available officially.

Having said that, SPA5xx will interoperate with Call Manager in SIP mode

for basic features (i.e. make/receive calls, call forward, transfer and conferencing.)

Other features may not work properly.

You'd need to generate SIP profile and then upload it to your TFTP server.

The format  is open xml style. Pl. checkout....

SIP Profile Compiler tool

See example profile on page 133...

Again, you won't be able to get help from Cisco TAC for SPA 5xx w/CUCM so pl. use your judgement.

 I have te same problem, It


I have te same problem, It is posible that Cisco SPA504/SPA509 will support 4 or 9 lines and FAC once configured as SIP 3rd party devices??




Juan Carlos Peña

FAC is a no go from prior

FAC is a no go from prior experience.  SIP Advanced will give you the extra lines you need.  Keep in mind this is a base version of SIP and not what you could expect out of a newer SIP phone that Cisco supports and produces.

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