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CISCO Switch ESI Phone system

I have to install a switch for a ESI VOIP phone system. I cannot find any network documentation for this system. I would like to know how to get the phones to boot into the voice vlan. Also what options do I need to include into my dhcp scope? Has anyone ever had to config a cisco switch for ESI Phone system. 

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Hello,Did you get any more


Did you get any more information on this topic?  I too have to integrate an ESI phone system with our Cisco network and looking for some information.


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I never really found any

I never really found any documentation. I called ESI but you have to be a vendor to take with tech support. Just can't find a lot of information on ESI. However I did get it working.  The ESI works nothing like any other phone system I have installed. If it were me I would go another route if I could. I set up DHCP on my switch, and did not include any IP options in my scope. Somehow the ESI com server discovered the phones via layer 2  I believe. So I did not user the switchport voice vlan setup. I just had voice on one vlan, data on another. I had enough ports on my switch to plug computers , phones in separate ports.  If you successful find a way to make the voice vlan command work please share it with me. If you know an ESI vendor that can call support for you. You might could talk to someone who knows. I just could not find any documentation on the ESI. 

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