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Cisco switches & non-Cisco IP Telephony solution


I manage a network infrastructure based on Catalyst 4500 series. From some time now, upper management decided to implement an IP Telephony solution. Unfortunately, the solution is not Cisco based. So far, I've managed to integrate the IP Telephony solution with the Catalyst voice vlan features with succes. The problem I am facing reffers to a new requirement for some users to have software IP phones (as opposed to hardware IP phones already in place and working just fine). Is it possible to have voice signaling traffic crossing from a user vlan to the voice vlan and back? I haven't been able to figure it out... Any advice is welcomed... Thank you.

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Re: Cisco switches & non-Cisco IP Telephony solution

Sure it's possible. Your 4500 is a layer3 switch, as long you have "ip routing" enable, and the VLAN interfaces have an IP address, traffic will flow across the VLANs.

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Re: Cisco switches & non-Cisco IP Telephony solution

This is an interesting question.

You have a softphone on your PC and would like to have the softphone on one VLAN while the PC(data traffic) on a different VLAN.

Unless the softphone does the VLAN tagging(not heard of), I will have to say this is not possible.

Out of curiosity, what brand of IP phone are you using?

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