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Cisco UC phone CP-8831 DECT frequency

Hi, this may be an odd question....

Whilst tracing radio interference to a cellular phone provider in the UK, I've come across the above phone at a customers premises which is radiating in the US DECT frequencies (1920-1930MHz), rather than the UK and europe frequency range(1880-1900MHz).  Can the frequency be changed in the phone settings, or the dect transmitter turned off?

Thanks for any help.

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I haven't played with those

I haven't played with those phones, and don't have any of them, but it seems that there should be a setting called Wireless Microphone Region that changes this. Change accordingly, save, reset the phone, then un-pair and re-pair the mics.



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There is a CUCM option to

There is a CUCM option to control the region for the DECT mics; default is North America unless the network local or user local is configured.

See the attached pic.


Wireless Microphone Region:      Allows administrator to set wireless microphone's region. Default setting will use network locale country. If network locale is none, then it will user locale country. If user locale is also set to none, North America will be used.   


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To make it more clear:the

To make it more clear:

the wireless frequency will be determined by below parameters in precedence:

  1. Wireless microphone region
  2. Network locale
  3. User locale
  4. Default value (US)

e.g. If "wireless microphone region" is set to 'default', phone will turn to the value of network locale, if network locale is not set, it will turn to user locale..; If a country name is selected for "wireless microphone region", then the dect frequency will be set to the corresponding value of this country, no matter with the locale setting.




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