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Cisco UC520 Upgrade


i have a UC520، and it show the below error:

"Oct  6 09:47:31.695: %SCHED-2-EDISMSCRIT: Critical/high priority process VTSP may not dismiss. -Process= "VTSP", ipl= 0, pid= 236,  -Traceback= 0x80E728F8 0x8209D2D8 0x80E5ACA0 0x80E8BFD0 0x80E8A9E8 0x80E8BAF0 0x8213A018 0x8213A278 0x8213A628 0x8213131C 0x82132600 0x80B47F24 0x80851530 0x80859A04 0x82DB8848 0x82DB8FB0"

And i was read the error related to bug, and the upgrade is the solution of this bug, so we will go into upgrade, does i need to upgrade the whole package like below link :

or i can just upgrade the IOS? and if i will upgrade the IOS deos it affect the system Cisco Unity Express.

The Second question,if i need to upgrade the whole package,  does the upgrade need license?

the Licence on my UC500 like below:

sh license feature

Feature name             Enforcement  Evaluation  Clear Allowed  Enabled

uc500-16u-upgrade        yes          yes         no             no  

uc500-32u-upgrade        yes          yes         no             no  

uc500-24u-to-48u-upgrade yes          yes         no             no  

uc500-48u-upgrade        yes          yes         no             no  

uc500-48u-to-64u-upgrade yes          yes         no             no  

sh platform software license

Upgrade license              : uc500-48u-to-64u-upgrade

License status               : Not in Use

License UDI                  : UC520-48U-T/E/F-K9:FHK1350F06G

Maximum User Licenses        : 56

Used User Licenses           : 38

Available User Licenses      : 18

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Accepted Solutions
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Cisco UC520 Upgrade

IOS update does not affect Unity Express, and does not affect license.

Hall of Fame Super Gold

Cisco UC520 Upgrade

IOS update does not affect Unity Express, and does not affect license.

Cisco UC520 Upgrade

So if i upgrade to the "uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M6" IOS this will upgrade the CME, and it may solve this Error.

but if i will upgrade the whole UC500 does this require license?

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