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Cisco Unified CallManager Group

From all system guide and administration guide of all available CCM versions, I read that a Cisco Unified CallManager group comprises a prioritized list of up to three Cisco Unified CallManagers.

My question is if it is possible to have more than three call manager in the CCM group? For example, I have four CCM servers in the cluster, I would like to ensure the CCM redundancy include all four server.

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Re: Cisco Unified CallManager Group

On hindsight, I realized that in a four server, cluster, typically the publisher is dedicated for tftp and not used for call processing. However, it would be good to know whether more than three servers can be put in a CCM group.

Say if I have one dedicated publisher and 4 subscribers distributed over two locations.

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Re: Cisco Unified CallManager Group

Hi Boon,

As you have noted, 3 is the magic number;

A Cisco CallManager group specifies a prioritized list of up to three Cisco CallManagers. The first Cisco CallManager in the list serves as the primary Cisco CallManager for that group, and the other members of the group serve as secondary and tertiary (backup) Cisco CallManagers.

Hope this helps!


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