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Cisco Unity 7 & Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call.

Good Afternoon,


I just inherited our phone system and man is it out of date!

We are using Unity 7 for Voicemail & Cisco Unified CM Administration System version: for our phone, line, and user setup.  Long story short I am facing the following scenario and cannot find a solution.


We setup 10 different extension in the company to correspond with Holidays and Meetings.


3210 - Staff Meeting

3211 Inclement Weather - Building Closed

3218 Inclement Weather - Building Open

3213 4th of July




Our Receptionist needs to be able to select CFwdALL and enter the extension above and have internal and external callers receive the voice message setup for the corresponding Holiday or Meeting.  

As it stands right now when Reception extension 5000 sets CFwdALL to 3211 all INTERNAL calls can hear the proper message.  External users however only hear the standard voice mail profile for ext. 5000 instead of 3211.

All research I have done points to a setting in Cisco Unity Connection and a setting called Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call.  Due to the fact our System is from the Jurassic Era I cannot find this setting and am unable to upgrade our system for the foreseeable future.


Does anyone know a quick and easy way for this?



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That was in the advanced

That was in the advanced settings tool, can't recall where it was, but at least you know where to look at.

Other option is to create as many VM profiles as necessary, and hardcode the DN to match the one you're forwarding the call. Then assign each DN his own VM profile which will always send the same number.



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Thanks, I will give this a

In Cisco Unity 7.0 Build 7.0(2)  




Our Main Phone number is setup as a call Handler named : Main Number

Owner: Example Administrator - VM

Owner Type: Subscriber

Active Schedule: Weekdays

Extension optional: 3290

Language: Inherited


I have attached screen shots of the new Call Handler Voicemail I setup.

3215 - Thanksgiving.

I verified we can forward internal call from 3290 to 3215 and the Thanksgiving message plays.  

Call our main lain from my cell phone (external number) and once again I get our main voicemail tied to extension 3290





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