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cisco unity connection 6.1 voicemail access

Hi ,

Problem:  A user has been particularly facing an issue where on unity connection 6.1 when he tries to press the message button , it hits the vm pilot number..1xxx and does not reaches her voice mail . Checked the end user page on unity connection, the calling search space and the partition as well on the end user -- on unity connection, but the user says even after resetting the pin, it is not reaching the specific vmail.

Am i missing something here  ?

unity connection 6.1.x

phone : 7962

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cisco unity connection 6.1 voicemail access

What does the user hear when she presses messages?

Is the VM Profile using correct Mask for this extension?

Is the extension on CUCM matching the extension on UCON?

Is this the only user that has this issue, and other are working ok?

You can try using Call Viewer on UCON to see what digits are coming in.


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cisco unity connection 6.1 voicemail access

Hi Abhishek,

I would try this Tool from the excellent suite of Unity Tools to have a look

to see what info is passed to Unity Connection when she connects via the message button.

It sounds like her CLID may be getting lost somewhere;

Port Status Remote Monitor for Connection (rPSM)



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Re: cisco unity connection 6.1 voicemail access

Look at the phone config > line programmnig.

Make sure the actual extension if it's 1234 or what ever it is.

Look at the external phone number mask, set it to XXXX

Also, make sure there is no translation pattern that is interferring.

Run a report on her extension in the route plan report.

See if there is anything other number that might be confusing it.

Also, make sure on the line level that it has the voicemail profile set and the calling search space assigned hits the voicemail_PT where the ports reside.

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cisco unity connection 6.1 voicemail access

External Phone  Number has nothing to do with what is presented from CUCM to UCON unless you are setting "use external phone number mask" on the route pattern for SIP integration or Hunt Pilot with SCCP which you should never do as that will cause other issues.



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cisco unity connection 6.1 voicemail access

quick thought

The phone the end user is using to call Voicemail.

Is the end users actual extension on Line 1 and not below on other line ?

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