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Cisco Unity Express and Default L-FL-CUE-PORT-2= Amounts

OK, curiosity question:

The various SM-SRE modules, when installed with Cisco Unity Express, are supposed to have a default number of ports available.  For example, the ISM-SRE-300-K9 module is supposed to have two ports on it by default when installed with Cisco Unity Express.

When we order these modules from Cisco, they come pre-installed with CUE and the correct number of ports (default + purchased ports).  However, when we order from distribution, i.e. Tech Data, Ingram et. al., the modules come in blank whereupon we have to install CUE (no concerns here, it's easy-peasy), and then go through the hassle of contacting licensing to activate the two default ports.  Every time I call in to do this I have a different experience.

Does anyone know of a better, quicker, simpler way to activate these default ports?   No offense to licensing, but I could save a lot of time and brain cells if there was a way for me to activate them on my own.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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Cisco Unity Express and Default L-FL-CUE-PORT-2= Amounts

When you order from Disti, do they give you a PAK code?  If yes, you should be able to activate it online:

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