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Cisco Unity Express


I have a problem with Cisco Unity Express. When the user calls his mailbox he is asked for his Extension ID followed by #.

After typing it in he gets the message: "For security reasons initial access to the mailbox is only available from the primary extension."

How can I make the mailbox accessible from all the phones?




Re: Cisco Unity Express

I guess the user should first access his Mailbox from his own extension and "then" by doing the first logging, he will be able to access it from everywhere.

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Re: Cisco Unity Express

Hi Zin,

I thought so too, but the problem is, that we are trying it from the useres own extension. There must be a configuration point where you can turn this security aspect off, but I cant find it.

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Re: Cisco Unity Express

Hi Moe,

Just a guess here, but was a Primary Extension defined for this user?

Clip ***In the Primary column, use the drop-down menu to select a primary extension for that subscriber.

The primary extension is the mailbox for receiving, saving, and retrieving voice-mail messages. If no primary extension is designated for a subscriber, that subscriber cannot receive, save, or retrieve voice-mail messages.

In this field, None means that none of the displayed extensions for the subscriber is the primary extension. You can designate a mailbox for this subscriber now, but the subscriber cannot access it until you configure the subscriber's primary extension at a later time.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Cisco Unity Express

Hey rob,

I now found a workaround. There was a problem with the passwords and pins of the users. After changing them the mailbox was accessible again. Seems to be a bug or something like that. Maybe there was no Pin configurated for some of the useres before.

But thank you for your help.



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