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Cisco VG202 voice gateway implementations

I have used the Cisco VG202 to replace Multitech units at some of my remote locations.

The phone systems at the remote locations are Avaya Partner systems.

What i encounter, after placing the Cisco units, is that the time displayed on the Avaya phones goes wrong.   Even if you manually correct it, time will go off within a couple hours.

Has ANYONE come across this?   TIme on the Avaya Partner system is adversely affected with the introduction of the Cisco VG202.                     

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Cisco VG202 voice gateway implementations

Hi Peter,

This forum is for discussions about specific known bugs. You might find better discussion in the IP Telephony forum:

Conceptually as an analog voice gateway the VG shouldn't generally provide any time information to an attached phone system. Is it possible the phone system is pointed to the VG as an NTP reference? In that situation the internal platform clock isn't terribly reliable and synch to an more reliable external NTP reference is recommended.  The only other possibility that comes to mind is delivery of a timestamp information along with callerid over the analog voice ports. In that situation the router again depends on internal clock. Configuring an NTP reference on the router will help to keep the router clock better synchronized.  These are all a bit of a stretch. The most likely, IMHO, is the pone system pointing to VG202 as NTP reference. In that case giving the VG202 a reliable NTP reference so the router can keep more accurate time would be my first approach.

Hope this helps,


Cisco VG202 voice gateway implementations

What I've seen with CUCM (I know its not Avaya) when the CUCM NTP reference is not reachable, the phones get their time from whatever IOS device (switch/router) they're plugged into. I don't know if the Avaya systems work the same.



HTH Regards, Yosh
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