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Cisco Video Advantage Running on VM Ware

Has anyone tried installing Cisco Video Advantage within a VM Ware session?

The connection between the hardware phone and the Video Advantage application does not come up; as if “Video Capabilities” has not been enabled on the handset or the PC is not directly plugged into the handset.

I also installed IP Communicator on the VM session as a test and configured the Video Advantage software to point to it (configurable on “ With this configuration, all worked OK.

Software Versions:


Video Advantage:

IP Communicator:

Any help would be appreciated!

Many Thanks



Re: Cisco Video Advantage Running on VM Ware

Probably because CDP will not work through the VMware client. What happens is when a phone rings, and answers, CDP notifies it's neighbor, typically the PC that it needs to turn on it's camera or screen pop.

No CDP, no screen pop, no integration to the Phone.

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Re: Cisco Video Advantage Running on VM Ware

Actually CDP messages are exchanged when the Ethernet connection is established. The CDP exchange only informs the PC of the phone's IP address.

The CUVA client then contacts the phone's IP address using the Cisco Audio Session Tunnel (CAST) protocol to exchange video capabilities. CUVA opens a connection to the phone's IP address. This means that the phone must be reachable from the PC VLAN.

When a call occurs, the phone acts as a SCCP signaling proxy between UC Manager and CUVA. CUVA establishes a separate set of RTP streams for the video directly with the other call party. This is in addition to the set of RTP streams between the IP phone and the other call party.

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