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Cisco with WIFI calling



I have read about wifi calling and that it is deployed in US by T-Mobile. And Cisco helped in this through Cisco wireless technology that guarantee QOS


Only I need to know what role Cisco do in this ? and if Cisco is main and a must in this solution. or only Cisco provide wireless access points and mobile operators can deploy the solution without Cisco


I need to know why Cisco should be preferred in this solution ?






Can you provide us with the

Can you provide us with the url to this article?



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Hi, The link ishttp://blogs



The link is


The article was from 2010


I think T-Mobile provide this solution from about 4-years

So If I find a good role for Cisco in this solution. I could introduce it to our mobile operators here in my country. But from what I read, I think Cisco could only share in the part of wireless APs and the operator can use his own hotspots







So is there a Cisco end to

So is there a Cisco end to end solution for wifi calling ?

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So is there a Cisco end to

So is there a Cisco end to end solution for wifi calling ?

Yes and no. 


Cisco 7925G/7926G supports only SCCP. 

Cisco 9971 supports SIP only. 


All models require a "call management server" of some sort (and NOT necessarily Cisco).  You can use, for example, a third-party call server like Asterisk to do WiFi calling in your own home or premises.  

I'm guessing you're talking

I'm guessing you're talking about the WiFi calling feature that Apple announced for the latest iPhones.


Although Cisco were probably involved in designed the specs for WiFi QoS, I don't think there's a need to have WiFI QoS for Apple's WiFi calling to work. Remember, that Apple target consumers, not corporate. So how many consumers are going to have a WiFi router that supports advanced features like QoS?



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