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Class of Services woes.

Here is my dilemma. I have a directory number that exists on two phone sets. On one set they need to be able to call long distance, on the other they need to be restricted to local area. This was possible on the Nortel 81C we were using.

The system design is such that the calling search space for the directory number is common no matter what phone that directory number exists on. The CSS for devices can change from phone to phone regardless of what DN is on it. Our device calling search space for phones, however, only gives access to our services and emergency partitions, not to route patterns for outbound calling.

Essentially it appears as though our system is setup in such a way that the class of service for the phone is based on the number you are calling from, not the phone you are calling from. This is backwards from what we want.

An obvious way of doing this would be to reverse what CSS we assign to the line and device, this would tie the route patterns to the phone set rather than the phone line. However, being as multiple directory numbers exist on the phone set this would also have to be done for those lines, the other sets that those lines exist on and any lines or sets that follow down the chain. In fact, the best way to do this, I think, would be to use BAT to reverse the line and device CSS' for every line and phone to tie the route patterns to the sets rather that the lines that are on them. Not exactly trivial.

I also attempted using a common directory number in two different partitions. This accomplished a different COS for the two lines but when you call into that number, only the line in the first partition in the list for the incoming CSS rings, which of course stands to reason given CallManagers routing methodology.

If anyone knows of, or can think of, another way to accomplish this please let me know. Thanks.


Re: Class of Services woes.

What about Using Extension Mobility for those Phones, you can still use CSS for Device and

restrict in the line by the Device Profile?

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Re: Class of Services woes.

That may work, but the concept of logging in and out of a phone introduces a new level of complexity to users that dont need or want it.

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