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CLID Blocking on Internal Calls

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to block the CLID of an IP Phone running SIP when calling On Net to other IP Phones.

Null translation, may be a problem as SIP based (hence this won't work), also if use an access code based translation pattern (e.g. #141.XXXXXX) when a call is transferred the CLID is still passed back to the caller, additionally the dial plan is extremely complex, makiing it untenable to replicate the route patterns for on net calls (variable length) for these translation patterns.

Also am unable to disable the CLID forwarding behaviour in system parameters as this would have effects on other aspects of the cluster (vm, logging, etc.)




Re: CLID Blocking on Internal Calls

In order to block caller ID from an extension to an extension, complete these steps:

Create two new partitions, TransPartition and BlockPartition.

Create two new Calling Search Spaces, TransCSS and BlockCSS.

In the BlockCSS, add the BlockPartition as well as all the other partitions where you want the phones to call, for example, user_partition, and in the TransCSS, add the TransPartition.

Create a Translation Pattern in this way:

In the Translation pattern field, add XXXX or any other mask so that all the internal calls match this pattern.

In the partition field, add TransPartition.

In the calling search space field, add BlockCSS.

In the calling party transform mask, add 0000 or the number you want to display.

You can also choose Calling Party Presentation as Restricted in order to not display any number or ID.

In the line settings on the Manager phone(s), use these:

In the partition field, choose BlockPartition.

In the calling search space field, choose TransCSS.

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Re: CLID Blocking on Internal Calls

Thanks for the reply, however, the onnet dial plan is a little unwieldy and to create the translation patterns would mean replicating alot of route patterns for trunks etc to additional on net sites.

In the end I've created a new partition which is not listed in any CSS. Then I've assigned each CLID blocked phone a new number from a spare number range (e.g. 21[3-9]XX) and dropped this into the partition. Then I've creatred a Hunt Pilot with the real DDI and set the dummy number as the only member of the hunt group (set Restricted on the Hunt Pilot for relevant fields) and voila. False DDI presented that is not diallable but phone can still recieve calls on real DDI (bit messy but works well).

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