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Cluster, which server is making call

Good day to everybody!

Need to clarify some things.

There's a CUCM cluster with 3 nodes. Pub + 2xSubs. And we have for about 50 H.323 IOS gateways in IPT network.

Call manager service is running on all 3 nodes, assuming that any server can recieve incoming call.

Question is - which of the CM servers will be chosen for making outgoing call through H.323 gateway? is that server a publisher server (but what will if CM service will turned off on Pub) ?

I wonder, this is chosen by assigning an H.323 to specified "CM group" in System settings of CM.

Can anybody clarify this? Help will be appreciated, thanks

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Cluster, which server is making call

This is driven by couple of things with native approach the CUCM group assigned to the Route List will be used as well as obviously the CUCM Group on the phone.

With newer versions you have an option to use "run on all nodes" setting on the Route List which will essentially use the CUCM server the phone is registered to.

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