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cm 4.2 6608 T1 Voice Gateway Caller ID Issue

I have CM4.2 running a t1 voicegateway off of a 6608 blade. The function of this T1 is for our long distance calls... It is provided by bellsouth. When a call goes out this gateway the digits appearing by caller id devices receiving the call are not the number I desire. I cannot see anywhere in the programming of this gateway or on the separate ports listed after slecting the gateway that this particular number is programmed that is being outpulsed. Bellsouth is telling me they don't put a number on it at all that it comes from our equipment.

So, how do I make it display the number I want it to be...(which would be our main number here)



Re: cm 4.2 6608 T1 Voice Gateway Caller ID Issue

There are a few places where the caller id can be controlled. On ip phones you have external phone number mask, if this is set, this will be the number seen by external world, provided one of the following scenarios is true.

a. Route patterns have Ext mask option checked.

b. Route patterns have Calling party transform mask set which overrides the ext ph mask on the phone, provided the option a above is not checked.

c. Route lists that have the 6608 t1s listed should be set to Default or On ont he Calling Party Transform masks.

Cisco doesnt recommend doing calling number modifications at the route pattern and route lists levels at the same time. Use only one or the other. I prefer doing this usually at the route group/list level (Option c).

Check your route patterns, route lists, to see if a bogus number is set.

Using Dialed Number Analyzer tool is a good way to test what number is being outpulsed, caller id etc. This will not show the digits outpulsed at the gateway level though.



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