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CM 4.2 LDAP access password issue

Hi All,

after doing this

Start > Run; type CCMPWDChanger

we were able to logon, and also to able to change the password, now even after restarting the whole server we can logon

Start > Run; type CCMPWDChanger

and we are not able to log on,

but the appearance trying different

passwords is different

1. using the old password we get an "invalid credentials" error

all others passwords even the new (expected after update) one will generate "The Administrator Password entered doesnt match with the password of currently configured administrator"

can someone help, Thanks in advance

1st Update

after additional research we found and tryed

Start > Programs > DC Directory Administrator

and we were able to login with the updated password

we are still not able to logon with CCMPWDChanger


Re: CM 4.2 LDAP access password issue

Hi Reckhardt,

I assume that you are using DCD and running CCMPWDChanger in the PUB.

the password must be the same in all servers (Actullay ccmpwdchanger should have done that)

anyways, please try the following:

According to your description, your system is working fine, except for the access to the DC Directory Admin; then there is a script that should change the password.

Please try this:

Resolution: Force manual password change in DC Directory

1. Create a file named "fixadmin.txi" containing the following text between

the + signs (do not copy the + signs):


ModifyDSE /"Directory Manager"

RemoveAttribute UserPassword

AddAttribute UserPassword ciscocisco


2. Copy the file fixadmin.txi to C:\DCDSrvr\run\dcx500\config and then run

3. Open a command prompt window, type the following: cdsadmin fixadmin

4. Then restart DC Directory Server

5. Try to log in to the dcd admin tool (start > programs > DC Directory

Administration). The user name will be Directory Manager, and the password

will be ciscocisco.

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