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CM 5.1(3) patch available on Cisco Download web site


Just to double check the following:

I have a brand new system running CM and while cheking if there was a patch avaliable on the cisco download web site i bumped into the following file:


Cisco Unified Communications Manager 5.1(3)

The file name itself has the patch word embedded but the description doesn't. Another thing is that the read me file "associated" to it doesn't mention anything with regards the patch.

Is there any a document where the patch compatibility is shown, like for example minimum release the system must have prior to patching with this file?

This file is almost 1.6G and I wonder instead of a patch is an upgrade from 5.1(2) for example. I just want to double check.

Thanks in advance and happy new year 2008...!

New Member

Re: CM 5.1(3) patch available on Cisco Download web site

I guess you would call it a "patch". If you were going to 5.1.4-xxxxx then I guess you would call it an upgrade. The way they are doing it with 5.x and later is rather than patch certain files and ship those out as an engineering special or whatever on top of the existing image. You are essentially getting a new software image that has been patched. So everytime there is a version release or upgrade, it is always going to be 1.5GB+.

But to your original question, there should be a readme somewhere out there with all the bugs that were fixed.

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