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CM 6 - Using Super Copy makes original copied device ring fast busy

When using Super Copy to copy a device, the original copied device rings fast busy until a change is made on that device and reset. Example: I have a 7941 phone with extension 1234 on it. I do a Super Copy on it and create a new 7941 with extension 5678 on it. 5678 will work fine and can make inbound and outbound calls. Extension 1234 will ring fast busy on incoming calls but can make outgoing calls. The fix is to make a change on Extension 1234 and reset the phone through CM. Simply resetting the phone (without making a change to the phone) through CM will not correct the issue. I can recreate this issue at will. I just thought I would throw the question out here before I open a TAC case.

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Re: CM 6 - Using Super Copy makes original copied device ring fa

Hi Karl,

This must be a Bug for sure. It sounds much like (not exactly) like this one. I'm wondering if the Super Copy doesn't actually mimic the Shared Line part of this until you actually change the DN (5678 in this example);

CSCsj32735 Bug Details

Changing a shared line DN removes the shared line from DA


After changing the DN on one instance of a shared line the shared line can no

longer be called.


Found in CallManager 5.1(1b) but could be present in any version of CallManager

5.x where this defect is not fixed.

Two phones with a shared dn 5553005. Both the Alerting Name, ASCII Alerting

Name, Display, and ASCII Display were the same for both shared line appearances.

Change one of the line appearances to 5553007. Change both sets of

Display/Alerting Name to a new value and save. Then possible to call to

5553007 but not 5553006.

Besides changing the number, either the "Display" or "External Phone

Number Mask" must also change to cause the symptom.


Update the shared line directory number from the phone where it exists after

the other line instance was changed.

Further Problem Description:

You have two phones, A and B, each with a shared line 5555 in the Internal

partition. This is a shared line.


Line 1 = 5555 in partition Internal


Line 1 = 5555 in partition Internal

Now change Line 1 on PhoneA to be directory number 5556. Now when you try to

call 5555 the call will fail and give you a reorder (fast busy) tone.

In the CCM traces there are two hints that you are running into this issue.

The first is that the digit analysis indicates to Block the call to 5555, even

though it exists, and can make outbound calls successfully.





You will also see this error in the CCM trace.

CCM|Forwarding - ERROR processCFToVM - both oCdpnVMPN and cdpnVMPN are NULL -

clear the call,

1st Found-In












Hope this helps!


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Re: CM 6 - Using Super Copy makes original copied device ring fa

Thanks Rob for the post. I agree it sounds very similiar to what I am experiencing. My version is System version: and according to the Fixed-In section, this should be a corrected version, right? Maybe I should just consider going to version 6.1.1. I will capture a Call Trace as well to see if I can see any of the tale tale signs of this bug.

Thanks again.

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