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CM 8.03(a)su1

I am upgrading our call manager from 7.1.2 to 8.03(a) this weekend.  According to Cisco documentation I will need to upgrade the server with the 8.03(a)su1 service update as well.  Do I need necessarily need to upgrade to the su1 or can I go without?  Also, the documentation refers me to the CM software upgrade documentation.  Does the su1 update require a reboot?

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Re: CM 8.03(a)su1

Hi Catina,

You don't have to do the su1 update but it's highly recommended

Here is the list of resolved bugs (which is pretty long...even by Cisco standards);

Resolved CUCM Caveats in 8.0(3a)su1

CSCtj75860 : Inconsistent changeover for DST spring and fall in US, Canada
CSCtj73950 : mid call features not available after DVOR
CSCtj50919 : Dualmode based timers (i.e. Redial) not take effect
CSCtj26754 : Add share media call fail for dualmode simultaneous call & direct dial
CSCtf18266 : Adding Tin Can Touch Support
CSCtj24852 : CUCMFirst DHCPD failure alarm is not sent to syslog
CSCtj20012 : Unable to Directed Call Park a Call after Network Flapping
CSCtj19145 : ST CIA-2083 MGCP 2K regd 50cps SDLlinkOOS gend core
CSCti96264 : UCR 2008 IA - pw_max_days being set on System Accounts over upgrade
CSCte12213 : Import/Export changes to add support for missing fields in Route List
CSCtj34801 : Delayed inband tone when calling busy extension through SIP turnk
CSCtj06238 : Callmanager application cores building RAS signal with GTK ID 0
CSCtj04854 : DVOR failed when default EFA number contains \+ and use CUBE or SIP
CSCti91046 : StationD need to return correct reason code when device register fail
CSCti88692 : MCS-7845-I3 running CUCM 6.1.5/7.1.5 reporting wrong SysObjectID
CSCti80879 : Dial via Office on iPhone is not working with mobility profiles incl. +
CSCti57179 : Adding "MWI" notification to SIP ME interface
CSCti26157 : add workaround to pass Directory Number to CUMC client in 8.5
CSCti11634 : Need to support mid call features via SIP-ME for DMMS
CSCth38732 : 3GSupport feature negotiation via CUMC registration
CSCtf51606 : Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.29
CSCtc77812 : wrong caller ID displayed when DVOR callback to alternate PSTN number

CSCtc68406 : Deskpickup doesnot work with Nokia S60 Dual Mode Phone.
CSCtj03518 : CUCM - Certificate Monitor Notification Frequency is not applied
CSCtj00703 : IME call drops when fallback to PSTN is triggered
CSCti97041 : Administrator control over Diagnostics Information Dumping
CSCti81600 : ccmadmin logs password
CSCti81587 : ccmuser pluginsDownload allows file retrieval of any file
CSCti73093 : Dual Mode DVO-R or DVO-F fails after mobile hangs up b/f full voice path
CSCti68874 : StationD need to return correct reason code when device register fail
CSCti34435 : SNR call to Deskphone associated with CUMC but CUMC did not ring
CSCti26015 : Adding "Reset" notification to SIP ME interface
CSCti04092 : DustingExisting call on device is terminated although Dusting fails
CSCth95373 : UCM core when dragon client make DVO-R call when No Cuma security profil
CSCth37138 : Unrecognized phone number error when CUMC sign in
CSCth37011 : 3GDVOR add call failed when using MGCP GW
CSCth29762 : Enhance Dusting to be executed in VoIP mode in addition to cellular mode
CSCth29729 : Send Call to Mobile Should Ring Wifi Side if Phone is Registerd in Wifi
CSCtg88944 : 3GDVOR stuck at 'Busy Here. Place a direct call instead' error message
CSCtg48427 : Failed to send call to Mobile until CUMC got reset
CSCtf61575 : Analyze Core command returns 'usage' with cimserver core file
CSCtf59113 : Providing CUMC support without CUMA
CSCtj02343 : 8.0(3a)su1 upgrade rules to prevent install over ineligible ES's
CSCti98176 : DB Exceptions found in Change Notificate logs after changing domain/host
CSCti91688 : CCM Analysis Trace toggle and IMDB dump patterns overlap
CSCti89340 : CTS dropped at 30mins in ISDN Interop call
CSCti62704 : Corrupt String in inbound DeviceManager signal results in ccm core
CSCti57573 : RIM MVS 503 error when power cycling MVS server
CSCth68049 : CSA making the server reboot every 30 hours
CSCtg88352 : CSA blocking kipvmsd - prevents RTP from s/w MTP
CSCte53390 : Need to auto regen own certs when node's domain name is changed

The installation of this would require another Cluster-wide re-boot.



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