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CM Tools for troubleshooting calls

Hi, there,

Please advice tool(s) to debug and troubleshoot for example offnet calls from cisco ip phones through ccm 4.1.3; or for calls between ip phones only.

I know several currently:

* ccm trace file: quite hard to read with many technical details.

Is it possible to make the output less detailed ?

* rtmt as i know can be also quite useful but i've found just the graph for an active calls. and nothing more.

Are there some more convinient internal or external tools to show and troubleshoot calls for cisco call manager environment ?

Thank you.

Community Member

Re: CM Tools for troubleshooting calls


I've found also DNA tool to verify DA process results.

But the main question is the same:

HOW CAN I see on an active 4.1.3 server the following:

* total active calls

* theirs ani/dnis and other call attributes

* call history details

I'm trying to compare Cisco Call Manager functionality for these tasks with Cisco IOS commands like


show call active voice brief|summary

show call history voice summary

show voice call status


and see nothing similar commands in Cisco Call Manager Environment.

So, please, advice your tools for diagnostics and troubleshooting calls.

Thank you.

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Re: CM Tools for troubleshooting calls



Re: CM Tools for troubleshooting calls


Open RTMT->Performance->YOur CCM-> Cisco H323 (or MGCP, depends on what you are using)-> Double Click Call Active-> select Gateways you have-> you will now have a graph showing the number of all B Channels used, right click on it select-> Alert / Treshold-> Enable Alert (Severity: Warning-> Click Next: on "trigger alert when the following condition meet" select a Value ie Over 1 (which means when 1 B channels are simultanueously used= 1Call-> you will get an email alert of it). Do this for all Gateways and all Callmanager processing Calls. You will be flooded with email alerts, which will tell you how much Bchannels are used, archivate that and use it.

Also under CCm webadmin page-> Application->Tools->Serviceability report Archive

a report about Gateway utilization (although not simulaneusly but in 15min interval).

Last but not least User CDR (Gateway utilization).


Zin Elabidine Karzazi

Community Member

Re: CM Tools for troubleshooting calls

Hi Zin,

any possible solution when I don't receive report on Serviceability report Archive? I only receive error reports on it...



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