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CM4-1-3 Bulk Change Description Field to Unique entry

Hi all,

I have several hundred phones that all have the exact same description.

Is there a way to use BAT to update all the phones with a unique description fields entry (like the person's name)?

I can't seem to find it in BAT if it exists.



Re: CM4-1-3 Bulk Change Description Field to Unique entry

Most of what you're asking (possibly all) is not something you can do with the update option from BAT.

The way to do it would be export all data, modify and reimport when you export the phones using the All details options, as it says ALL will be exported, phone, line, speed dials, etc so all you need to do is modify the csv and then reimport it. u can export some phones and practice with them before doing the 1000 phones

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Re: CM4-1-3 Bulk Change Description Field to Unique entry

Thanks, I had to open a TAC case and they verified that this field is not an option in a custom BAT.

It seems that the export would work fine, but then on the re-import wouldn't the file error out unless you deleted the phones first? The update phones option only lets you create the query, not the actual changes. In other words, the update phones file can only be MAC's so it knows which specific phones you want to change in the next screen. But that next screen is still just checkboxes with generic info or settings for each and every phone.

We had to do it manually because we could not delete and re-import the phones. Down to the last 86 phones.

The only other option was an AXL/SOAP method but that is not in my skill set. However, getting some co-workers to click, change, save repeat, is in my skill set.

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