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CM4.3 to AD Broken

I've completed the directions to integrate AD with CM4.3. I've successfully changed the passwords using the tool. But I'm still getting error 'ASP 0115' Unexpected error /CCMAdmin/usersidebar.asp A trappable error (E06D7363) occured in an external object.

I've also tried manually syncing the passwords using directions I found on here. So far nothing has worked. I've started over about 5 times now.

Ideas on where to look now?


Re: CM4.3 to AD Broken

To resolve this problem, perform this procedure:

Restart the Data Connection (DC) Directory service or the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) service.

Note: If this step does not resolve the issue, continue with the subsequent steps in this procedure.

Identify the correct directory administrator password. Make this .

Open a command prompt and issue the PasswordUtils command.

This action generates an encrypted password. Make this password

Set the value of DCDMGRPW and MGRPW in the registry, under HKML\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration to .

Open C:\dcdsrvr\directoryconfiguration.ini. Set the value of passwd to .

Open another command prompt and issue the UMEncryptText command.

This command generates out.txt in the same folder from which it was run, for example C:\.

Open out.txt and copy the contents after Text=.

This long hex value is the encrypted password. Make it .

Open C:\dcdsrvr\config\UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini with Notepad. (Do not use any other text editor).

Set the value of CiscoLdapPwd and UserLdappwd to .

Save the file and exit.

Restart the IISAdmin service and try to access the Cisco CallManager Admin user pages.

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