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CM6.1.2 Phones don't detect Firmware update

I am trying to upgrade the phone firmware for 7912's / 7940's and this is the first time I have done it on a 6.1 server.

Following the instructions, I uploaded the .cop.sgn file via the "OS Admin" web interface. Completed fine. I then checked the file name in "Device Defaults" and it has changed to reflect the new version. I then restart a phone - no update. I disconnect the phone, delete it, plug it in - no update. I know I have not got the original load set specifically on this handset. I then take a new phone out of the box, it upgrades the firmware on boot - but to the same as the rest of the handsets, not to the latest I have just loaded.

Am I missing a step here ?

The firmware version is only a smal step 7940 8.0(8.0) to 8.0(10) - but I need to get this working.


Re: CM6.1.2 Phones don't detect Firmware update

Try changing the Device Pool in the device defaults next to your load, to the device pool your phone is in :)


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Re: CM6.1.2 Phones don't detect Firmware update

This is actually working now. It was either a timing issue or a locale problem...

Checking the TFTP logs, there where errors relating to missing "United Kingdom" files. For simplicity I set the system locales to US (both network and user). When I rebooted the phone, the firmware upgraded.

This may be coincidence and it may just have been a timing issue. However, a good 10 minutes after uploading the files the phones where still picking up the "wrong" firmware (not upgrading).

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