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CM6.1 to Nortel PBX integration


One of my customer's has a site where an existing PBX with DPNSS connection to another company's PBX needs to be integrated into their CUCM6.1 platform.

I'm at a loss where to start here.

Do I look at replacing my customer's PBX with a DPNSS to QSIG converter and then backhauling QSIG through MGCP via router registered to CCM?

Or do I look at integrating a router with E1 to my customer's Nortel Meridian Option 11 and then passing calls through that to the other company?

The whole point of this solution is to maintain 4 digit bi-directional calls between my customer and this other company!

If anyone could advise on how to tackle this issue it would be appreciated.


Re: CM6.1 to Nortel PBX integration

Why use DPNSS, use Q sig. The Nortel will support it if yo have ISDN links. You need to change a setting on the Nortel on the D channels I think in LD 17 or the Route Block - I think. It is to do with the Nortel sending across it own NCOS infront of the dialled digits- Travelling Class of Service change it to STD? this way the Nortel will only send the extension number so the CCM will act on it otherwise you will see Unassigned number in the debug`s. Also for each DN on the CCM you need to set up a CDP, DSC code i.e a unique route Patterns pointing to the CCM or hopefully a common one such as 2... to go to the CCM. As you grow to IPT then a much cleaner way is to install a Nortel package called Vacant Numbering- under LD 15 TYPE NET- This way you configure Nortel to send all calls it does not know about to the Route List under VNR

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