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CM6 - MS AD LDAP User ID Issue

Hi all, I have an LDAP sync issue where the user accounts in AD have spaces in them i.e. Firstname Lastname

When I sync all is well although I am unable to add any ldap accounts to groups as User ID's are not allowed to contain spaces.

Has anyone had any experience of this problem as im strugling to find a workaround. Appreciate any help.


Re: CM6 - MS AD LDAP User ID Issue

I would think adding a space into the middle of a user name is not standard practice. On top of that, I can probably put money it that Cisco will have to create an ES for this to work with your setup.

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Re: CM6 - MS AD LDAP User ID Issue

Thanks for the reply - Do you think its worth raising with TAC to ask the question?

Re: CM6 - MS AD LDAP User ID Issue

I know there are password issues with special characters etc. I had a problem with presence for authentication between CUCM and presence. Also an issue with Unity Connection and CUCM for authentication. You may want to open a TAC case and see if they have any other information.

On the BugTool kit, I did see there was a couple LDAP issues with passwords. For example:

This would be a "+" but possible related to your issue or similar. CUCM6 seems to have issues like this. TAC may not fix it and just tell you to change the password to not have a "space" in it.

I know you have user names with passwords, but it's probably the same type of issue.


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Re: CM6 - MS AD LDAP User ID Issue


To confirm, this issue with a space within the LDAP user account is no longer an issue with 6.1(1a) as I just upgraded and tested again with all working perfectly.

Thanks for your input.


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Re: CM6 - MS AD LDAP User ID Issue

I resolved this issue using another AD field as UserID in CUCM.

From the CUCM Administration, get to System->LDAP->LDAP System Configuration

You can set the "LDAP Attribute for User ID" a field with no white spaces, I used the E-mail address and worked well.

Hope this helps,


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