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CME 3.3 issue with ephone reporting deceased

I had a user whos phone was stuck at " configuring with a bridge ". I never seen this before so I attempted a #sh ephone.

The output showed ephone 2 as deceased. I never seen that so I only the mac address and reset it. Then I added it back and readded it. Now the phone is unreg. it is also pingable but I cannot get it registered. Am I missing something?

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Re: CME 3.3 issue with ephone reporting deceased

From one of our tac engrs.

The phone DECEASED means TCP keepalive timeouts have expired for

ephone, so CME cannot detect the device at all. At this point changing the CME config or

resetting ephone or router has very low chance of fixing the problem, if the phone is

disconnected. However, if the phone is connected, your best bet is to reset the DECEASED

device after verifying IP connectivity ( wiring, routing, switch issues, etc.) with the

command "restart" under ephone config mode.

As for the non-registration. Trying 1)unplug the phone 2)delete ephone 3)plug in the ephone to let it pseud0-register and 4)reconfigure your ephone.

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Re: CME 3.3 issue with ephone reporting deceased

Hi, yeah I figured it out. The phone was pingable and thats why it through me off. But I traced it back to the switch. I then did a sh run and noticed the port its on had no voice vlan. I then called my site and it appears they moved the phone to a new location. I added voice vlan and it corrected itself. I also looked at the dhcp scope on the router and noticed the IP i was pinging was from the data vlan. Thanks for the comment though.

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