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CME 3.3 via H323 to CCM4.1.3

I'm trying to route calls via H323 between CME and CCM.

I can't figure out why the call fails from the phone on the CME site to the CCM. I get a fast-busy.

Obviously I'm missing something.

From the CCM I can call the phone on the CME.

Any advice will be appreciated please. I've attached the router config.


Re: CME 3.3 via H323 to CCM4.1.3

dial-peer voice 23681 voip

description LAB CCM H323

destination-pattern 8..

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

This is the only dial-peer I see and based on the description is the one that points to CCM...but 2 things:

1. You are using SIP Protocol

session protocol sipv2

2. You are using G729r8

When No codec configured that one is used.

and in 4.X we dont support G729 to integrate it with SIP trunks.

So please go ahead and remove the SIP configuration or configure a SIP trunk.

New Member

Re: CME 3.3 via H323 to CCM4.1.3

Correct the single dial-peer points to the CCM, I'm just trying to learn about CME.

Yes I was using SIP but not always. Either way I still can't get the call routed.

I thought that the telephony-service might convert SIP to H323 so I tried adding SIP. I didn't know about SIP and 729 so I'll try it w/ 711. I've not configured a SIP trunk in CCM and w/o some reading I wouldn't know how.

I might be wasting time with the SIP anyway. I really need to point the dial-peer at a PBX that I doubt has any SIP capabilities.

I've re-attached the latest iteration of the config w/o the SIP parameters, again the call still fails from CME to CCM.

Thank you, please advise.

New Member

Re: CME 3.3 via H323 to CCM4.1.3

TAC resolved the problem; over complicated configuration.

Kill the voice service hairpin routing. This seems to be the key.

Bind h323 in the interface. I'd taken it out.

I never tried binding the interface w/o the hairpinning.

Configure standard dial-peer(s) and telephony service.

Most of the over complication came from trying out the QTC.

Thanks TAC.

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