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CME 4.2 pickup notification not working

Hi Guys,

We are using cme 4.2.we made pickup groups and notification (audio or visaul) is not working.I tried to find any command to enable pickup notification but disappointed.

Any help??


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Re: CME 4.2 pickup notification not working

Hi Thomas,

The feature that addresses this issue is avaiable in CCM 4.2 and 6.x trains not in any CME release as of yet;

Call Pickup Notification

This new feature allows users to receive an audio and/or visual alert when a call rings on a phone in pickup groups in which they are a member. For multiple line phones, the alert is available for pickup groups associated with the primary line only.

You can configure the following notification parameters in the Call Pickup Group Configuration window:

Type of notification (audio, visual, both, or neither)

Content of the visual notification message (called party identification, calling party identification, both, or neither)

Number of seconds delay between the time the call comes into the original called party and the notification to the rest of the call pickup group members

From this 4.2.1 doc;

Hope this helps! I know its not the answer you were looking for :(


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