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CME 7.0 with Polycom SoundPoint IP 601

I have a CME and a few Polycom SoundPoint 601's that we need to get up and running on the system. The model of the polycom is a SoundPoint IP 601 SIP.

I've searched the forums and have been steared in the right direction, but every config I've tried doesn't work in my case. I've attached the config.

There's really nothing too special going on with the config at this point, I'm hoping there's something little I'm missing in the config or even something on the Polycom I need to configure.

*** I forgot to mention the Polycom gets an ip address from my dhcp pool, but during it's boot says "Could not contact boot server, using existing configuration", the phone procedes to 'loading application' and then to processing configuration, but just goes blank after a few minutes. The only thing I can do from here is unplug it to reset it.

Thanks in advance,


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