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CME 7 personal speed dials for extension mobility

I have issues with cme 7 and extension mobility and adding "Personal speed dials" from a normal fixed phone this can done through the directories menu but not on the EM phones I cannot seem to do it through the GUI either does anyone have any ideas.

many thanks

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Re: CME 7 personal speed dials for extension mobility

Hi David,

You are likely hitting the restriction for EM Phones shown below **;

SCCP: Enabling User Interface for Speed-Dial and Fast-Dial

To enable a phone user to configure speed-dial and fast-dial numbers from a menu on their phone, perform the following steps. This feature is enabled by default. You must perform this task only if the feature was previously disabled on a phone.


•Cisco Unified CME 4.3 or a later release.

•The Service URL must be configured. See the "SCCP:


Extension Mobility users cannot configure fast-dial settings (for personal speed-dial) from their phone.

Cisco Unified CME GUI Support

The Cisco Unified CME GUI provides a web-based interface to manage most system-level and phone-based features. In particular, the GUI facilitates the routine additions and changes associated with employee turnover, allowing these changes to be performed by nontechnical staff. The GUI provides three levels of access to support the following user classes:

•System administrator-Able to configure all system-level and phone-based features. This person is familiar with Cisco IOS software and VoIP network configuration.

•Customer administrator-Able to perform routine phone additions and changes without having access to system-level features. This person does not have to be familiar with Cisco IOS software.

Here is what you want to use :)

•Phone user-Able to program a small set of features on his or her own phone and search the Cisco Unified CME directory. In Cisco Unified CME GUI 4.2.1 and later versions, phone users can use the GUI to set up personal speed dials for an Extension Mobility phone. The same credential for logging into an Extension Mobility phone can be used to log into the Cisco Unified CME GUI.

The user name parameter of any authentication credential must be unique. Do not use the same value for a user name when you configure any two or more authentication credentials in Cisco Unified CME, such as the username for any Cisco United CME GUI account and the user name in a logout or user profile for Extension Mobility.

The Cisco Unified CME GUI uses HTTP to transfer information from the router to the PC of an administrator or phone user. The router must be configured as an HTTP server, and an initial system administrator username and password must be defined from the router command-line interface (CLI). Additional accounts for customer administrators and phone users can be added from the Cisco Unified CME router using Cisco IOS software commands or from a PC using GUI screens.

Enabling the GUI

Configuring Speed Dial

Hope this helps!


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Re: CME 7 personal speed dials for extension mobility

Thanks Rob. It's good to confirm that you cannot do it from the phone. If i log into the GUI with the EM credentials i do not get an option to add or remove "personal speed dials" only "speed dials". Am i missing something obvious that needs enabling.


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Re: CME 7 personal speed dials for extension mobility

Just done some testing i can add personal speed dials to a phone from the CLI but this stays with the phone irrespective of whether logged in or out or who is logged in. This i expected what i think i need to do is to add the personal speed dials to the user profile. This i assume is what the GUI would do ?

Is there a telephony-service or something that needs to be added to allow this in the GUI as i do not get the option to add personal speed dials ?


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