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CME 7914 Display


I'm trying to config a CME system to display something that will show in use lines and extentions. Attached is a sample of the dial peer, ephone, and ephon-dn configs.

I installed a 7914 expansion module to ephone 1 and configed buttons to light up but it won't work with outside lines.

Basically the user / receptionist wants to know when other phones in the building are in use so she knows to transfer a call or not.

Also is there any way to display when any of the 4 outside lines are in use. We've been trying to configure this CME to simulate as closely as possible the old Avaya key system with digital 18 button phones....if that makes sense.


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Re: CME 7914 Display

If converted to SIP you could use the voice huntgroup parallel so that the lines ring the required phones using their ephone number not the overlay from the phone lines.

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Re: CME 7914 Display


have you tried trunk under ephone-dn? It has an option to monitor FXO. That will require four more ephone-dn for the operator, to assign to the buttons you want. This is CME 4.0 feature.

Hope this helps, if so please rate post!

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Re: CME 7914 Display

Sounds interesting let me read up on that. I am running CME 4.0

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Re: CME 7914 Display


Under the ephone for the phone with the 7914 expansion module you can assign the buttons as monitor. They should then go: -

Button Line Status

Off/dark Line available

Green, steady Line in use by you

Red, steady Line in use by someone else

Amber, flashing Line ringing

Green, flashing Call is on hold

Sample config below as 7960's line 1/2 then 7914 monitors extn 4-7

ephone 1

mac-address 0000.0000.0001

type 7961 addon 1 7914

button 1:1 2:2

button 7m4 8m5 9m6 10m7




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Re: CME 7914 Display

Hi all,

Please check out my attached configs in my original post. You'll see that I've configured the 7941s as dual line. One button selets it's default ext. ephone-dn, and the other selects the 4 ephone-dn's for the 4 outside POTS lines.

I currently have the 7914 configed to monitor the ext. dn's but most calls take place on the outside line dn's. So I guess what I'm trying to say is I need the 7914 to be able to monitor everything...

Forgive me if I sound as confused as I am.

CME 4.0(3) SCCP


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