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CME 7971 touchscreen question

I'm working with a customer who swears up and down that they used to be able to answer calls by just touching the portion of the screen that shows the caller-id name/number. I'm not talking about the answer button.

They also said that they used to be able to have 2 calls on the screen at the same time, then "touch" either of them and it would automatically put the other call on hold and let them speak to the other caller.

Now...I've tried this in my lab and I can't get it to work. I can select the call by pressing the screen but I have to also hit Answer or Resume to make the call active. I opened a case with TAC and they basically said the same thing.

Naturally the customer is very adamant that it used to work about a month ago. Is this possible? I can't find any documentation anywhere saying this is a feature of those phones.

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Re: CME 7971 touchscreen question

Tried with CME 4.1, nothing happens unless you press softkey also.

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Re: CME 7971 touchscreen question

Hi Jake,

Have to agree with Paolo :) (as always!) I even had a look through the latest phone user guides for CME and CCM. The functionality that the user is explaining is not supported.

Now, the question of how to break this news to the User? I would suggest letting the User know that this was never intended to work this way and thus cannot be duplicated. The old "perhaps it was a Bug" trick :)

Take care,


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Re: CME 7971 touchscreen question

Hmmm, I like the idea of it being a bug... :)

I was pretty skeptical going in. Even asking around our office all I got was the deer in the headlights stare. What's funny is a user guide I found for the 7971 showed a method of answering the calls and it included pressing the "answer" softkey.

Anyway, thanks for the input and testing guys.

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