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CME - a second secondary dial-tone?

In CME in the "telephony-service" section I know I can add "secondary-dialtone 9" so a secondary dial-tone is obtained for outside dialing. But I would also like to use a 7 for users to dial other offices internally. So if a user in Sacto wanted to call a user in Boston they'd dial 7-2649 say (where 2649 is the extension of someone in Boston.) When the user presses the 7 it would be ideal if they got another dial tone as well. But I don't see a way to do this in Call Manager Express. Anyone know of a way to make another digit also cause a seoncdary dial-tone? Thanks.


Re: CME - a second secondary dial-tone?


Im not sure about a second secondary dialtone, but there is a way that you can accomplish the behavior that you need.

Create a translation that will strip the 7 from the dialed number, and then apply this translation to the voip dial-peer that points the the CME in Boston.

Hope that helped, if so please rate.

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