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CME and 7970 phone

Hi all,

This is the first time i have searched the forum and not been able to find the answer to my question, so i thought i would make my first post.

I have a site which is running CME 4.1, when it was originally installed a few weeks ago they were using 7970's. They have since installed the new 7975 phones and have started encountering a few problems.

1. The personal fast dial list no longer appears on the phone, even though it is still in the config.

2. They have lost the ability to change ring types and background images

3. Two of the four phones will not allow us hard code the speed and duplex settings!

Would appreciate any help you are able to give.



Community Member

Re: CME and 7970 phone

Hi Kris,

Hope your keeping well.

Step 1

I would recommend checking if 7975 phones are using correct phone load, if not you can download the SCCP75.8-3-2S load for 7975.

Step 2


Check if your Router have Ring List XML file in flash -- flash:ringtones /RingList.xml and flash:ringtones/DistinctiveRingList.xml


Flash:DistinctiveRingList.xml and flash:RingList.xml -- I am not too sure which file 7975 is looking. You can use the debug tftp event to find out what 7975 is looking

TFTP Command

tftp-server flash:ringtones/RingList.xml or

tftp-server flash:RingList.xml

tftp-server flash:DistinctiveRingList.xml

Step 3

Background Images

Cisco 7975 IP Phones looks the List.xml file in Desktops/320x216x16/ folder, if you have 7970 background images on the router it will be saved in Desktops/320x212x12 - the best way is to copy the List.xml file from Desktops/320x212x12 to Desktops/320x216x16/

Make sure that you have tftp command -- tftp-server flash:/Desktops/320x216x16/List.xml

For trouble shooting use debug tftp event and on the IP phone web page - check the console logs

Hope this helps, please do let me know your finding.



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