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CME and Harris PBX

Hello everyone,

I have configured a CME to be the main call processor for 75 new cisco IP phones. Everything is working as expected but I've been asked to connect 2 analog lines that come from an old Harris PBX.

Currently, I can successfully communicate to anyone on the Harris PBX, I just dial the prefix (in this case 8) and then, the 4 digits of the extension (for example 8 + 5002 will connect me to the currently technical support extension on the Harris side). These 2 analog lines should also allow us to go to the PSTN but I'm facing the following issue.

On the Harris PBX, I must dial the prefix * in order to be able to go to the PSTN (from a Harris phone I dial * + 8 digit number), so, if I dial from a Cisco IP Phone the following: 8 + * + the 8 digit number... I always get a busy tone. I was trying to create a new dial peer so the CME would ask for the * but unfortunately, it does not seem to work because I can't call to anything on the PSTN (from the Cisco phone I dial 8 + * + 8 digit number... and I get a fast busy tone)

Does anybody know what I could try in order to get my second dial tone so I can go to the PSTN?

I would need 8 in order to connect to the Harris PBX and then * to use these lines to go to the PSTN.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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Re: CME and Harris PBX

Make a DP that gives you dialtone from PBX.

This way, you will be able to test what the PBX lets you dial, and what not.

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