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CME as fall back to another CME


I would like to know if the following is possible. I want to have CME runing on a 2811 at a central site with a VPN connection to remote sites. The remote sites will be running a 2801 with a CME license. Can I have the remote phones registered to the central site 2811 (I know I can do that part) but if contact with the central site CME is lost can the phones at the remote sites then register with the local CME, continue to process calls for the remote site only and then fall back to the central site once connectivity is resoroed?? In short can a CME box act as SRST to another CME box?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: CME as fall back to another CME

On the same lan, failover from one CME to another is supported. I dont think the setup yu want is supported.

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Re: CME as fall back to another CME

hi Sankar

i woder why it is not possible to fallback to another cme if they are not on the same lan, i mean what is the difference between an ip phone on a remote site registered with a CCM on HQ being falled back to its default gateway (acting as srst) on this remote site and an ip phone registered with cme on HQ being falled back to its cme on its default gateway on this remote site?

please help


Re: CME as fall back to another CME

This is absolutely *NOT* TAC supported, by try this under 'telephony-service' config:

ip source-address secondary

This essentially sets the second CallManager server on the IP phone to use the secondary ip above.

Again, this *MAY* work and your mileage will vary...

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Re: CME as fall back to another CME

Note you must upgrade to cme 4.1 first: under telephony-service enter a command such as follows:

ip source-address port 2000 secondary strict-match

This will direct the phones to register to the backup cme if the primary is lost. You may also want to put a secondary def router in the local routers config for dhcp as well.

It works great on the same lan segment. I havnt tried it across a wan segment. This info is found in the latest cme admin guide on page 117-118 under configuring system-level parameters.

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