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CME - Beginner questions about configs

Hi Guys,

Just thrown in the deep sea to make this thing to work. I have no training or have previous experience with voice stuff.

The requirement is basic! It is for a small office just need calls in and out (use E1), park, hold, transfer,conference and voicemails.

Did some self study and after some drama with CME version and 78xx handsets, finally got some features to work in the lab.

I cant figure out how to configure reception phone 7962 with extension 4800 and the moment it is registered as 4801...when i try to call 4800 from other handsets it gives me a busy tone. I have attached the configs, any help is really appreciated.





Dual-lines are not supported

Dual-lines are not supported in CME sip phones.




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Manish,We got 7962 with 7915


We got 7962 with 7915-24 as addon (running in sccp mode) for the office reception. we need to configure this phone buttons with all extensions, line monitor, speed-dials etc..Do i need to register/configure our other phones (7821) used as extensions in sccp as well? Currently it is in SIP mode as 7821 only supports SIP. Can we configure the reception phone to call the SIP dn's? any sample configs!?


Add another line to the 7962

Add another line to the 7962 SIP Phone under the "voice register pool" associated to the 7962 IP Phone.

Your voice register pool 1 will be finally like that :

voice register pool  1
 busy-trigger-per-button 2
 id mac 00E1.6D14.EE14
 type 7962
 number 1 dn 1
 number 2 dn 2
 dtmf-relay sip-notify
 username Michelle password 12345
 codec g711ulaw
 paging-dn 210 unicast

Then under "voice register global" refresh the config files with this command :


CME(config-register-global)# create profile 


Then reset the 7962 IP phone.

You should have 2 lines, first phone button is for 4800, the second is for 4801.

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 Instead of dual line option,

 Instead of dual line option, you can use shared-line (nonexclusive).

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hey mate, i have an expansion

hey mate, i have an expansion module which supports only skinny! i got this working in sccp mode.


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