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CME Blind Transfer

I have a customer who was concerned witht the fact that configured with full-consult transfer on CME that the Operators number would come across on Caller ID first during a tranfer. Finding out that she basically did a blind tranfer with all calls, I change it to blind and that worked perfect for correcting the caller ID coming across but now they cannot transfer calls in this mode to their site that is over a VPN tunnel. What can I do to fix this as I am not sure the difference between the two types of tranfers that would cause site to site tranfers to stop working.

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Re: CME Blind Transfer


A blind transfer is one in which the transferring extension connects the caller to a destination extension before ringback begins.

On the other hand, a full-consult transfer is one in which the transferring party either connects the caller to a ringing phone (ringback heard)

or speaks with the third party before connecting the caller to the third party.

What happens when doing the blind transfer to to the remote site DN?

Are you using a distributed call processing model? (Each site having it's own CME/CUCM)?



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Re: CME Blind Transfer

So I understand the concepts, what is confusing is yes, it is a distributed model with CME on both sides. What baffles me is that consult tranfer works, blind does not. Is this a bug or by design and is there a way around it?

Re: CME Blind Transfer

Hi Steve,

It's pretty hard to say what the problem is without knowing the protocol between the routers, the configuration of the routers, and looking at debugs.

To give you some things to play with that may or may not help, try these commands:

voice service voip

no supp sip refer

no supp sip move

no supp h450.7

no supp h450.2

no supp h450.3

These are supplementary features mostly centered around forwarding and transferring calls. There are a large number of cases where turning these features off makes the transfer work smoother.



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