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CME call deflection

Does anyone know whether Callmanager Express supports call deflection? I'm interfacing to the PSTN using Q.931 over BRIs and would like to be able to perform forward on no answer without tying up two B channels.

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Re: CME call deflection

Hi Henshaw,

The ISDN interface won't actually answer the call before the phone to which is destined picks-up, so if your telco line has call forward no answer, that should work.

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Re: CME call deflection

Unfortunately this isn't what happens. If I place CFNA on one of the ephone-dn's then when the timeout is reached, CME picks up the call then opens another B channel to make an outbound call to perform the call forward, effectively hairpinning the call.

The telco (Telstra) allegedly supports call deflection which should allow the voice gateway here to use Q.931/Q.932 to signal the call forward to the exchange then release the B channel. I'm not sure if CME is providing the right signaling to invoke this.

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Re: CME call deflection

I understand now.

My suggestion was not based on true call deflection, that I don't think is supported in CME. Better said, there is some kind of support described at

but it looks kind of obscure and not applicable to CME.

Rather, I was implying that CFNA was set at the telco, not on the ephone-dn.

Perhaps, if you configure some kind of speed-dial on the phone, to set/cancel CFNA at the telco, and not on the phone itself, that could be a workaround.

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Re: CME call deflection

Thanks for the response. I may have to do as you said with some translation rules.

I'd still be happy for someone to come along and tell me that deflection is supported though. (at least on VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE)

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