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CME calls to callmanger

we have what would amount to 80 sites running callmanager express 4.2 and a Callmanager cluster runnign 4.x. I have read many reports of sites switching from cme and running as SRST off the Callmanager . I was wondeirng if it is possible to just transfer certain calls through the central Callmanager with out running SRST at this point. I could see maybe changing once all our sites are converted to CME but we are only half way through our process.

IF there are any other solutions please let me know. I am far from a voice expert.

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Re: CME calls to callmanger

Hi, if you want to do call transfer from CM to a CME, and vice-versa, that should be possible. Both systems do support H.323 and SIP call transfer.

Or if it not that what you want, please clarify.


Re: CME calls to callmanger


The issue is see is that you want some phones configured to be registered to CME and some to be registered to Callmanager.

If you wanted to test it you could hard code some phones to register to the Central site CM.This way in theory you could have phones in one location running CME and CM.However if the link goes down the phone registered to the CM would have no way of working as SRST would not be running.

What i would do is choose a site that is due to be upgraded to CME and change it to SRST site instead



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