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CME - Can Monitor Line button display name rather than DN?

I have a receptionist whom wants to use the "Monitor Line" button/feature on her phone. However, she desires the name to be displayed on her phone line button rather than the number of the line being monitored. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks! Mike.

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Re: CME - Can Monitor Line button display name rather than DN?

Hi Mike,

Have you tried applying Labels (Text Name) as suggested below?

Label Support

The label support feature controls the display adjacent to an ephone-dn line button. By default, an IP phone displays the extension number that is set using the number command under an ephone-dn. The label support feature allows you to enter a meaningful text string for each ephone-dn so that a phone user with multiple lines can select a line by name instead of by phone number, thus eliminating the need to consult in-house phone directories.


1. ephone-dn dn-tag

2. label label-string

3. exit

4. ephone phone-tag

5. restart

6. exit

label label-string

Example: Router(config-ephone-dn)# label user1

Creates a custom label that is displayed on the phone next to the line button that is associated with this ephone-dn. The custom label replaces the default label, which is the number that was assigned to this ephone-dn.

label-string String of up to 30 alphanumeric characters that provides the label text.

From this good CME doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CME - Can Monitor Line button display name rather than DN?


I appreciate the reply. I was hoping not to have to do it at the ephone-dn level so I wouldn't change the "primary owner"'s DN line label. I was hoping to just change it on the Receptionist's phone's monitor lines. But, if there is not a way, then I will change the label text on the ephone-dn.

Thanks again for your reply!


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